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Behind these tabs you'll find resources such as --

  • Tips for getting getting on radio, and a national list of stations with phone numbers,
  • Speaker bureaus for reaching people directly,
  • A national list of local & regional newspapers you can contact with your press releases or interview offers,
  • Tips for broad Internet exposure, and
  • Ideas and inspiration from the PR successes of others.

You may benefit greatly from these resources if you -- 

  • Own or manage a business or non-profit,
  • Offer any kind of professional service ranging from insurance to health care,
  • Are an entrepreneur or innovator of any type, such as writer or artist,
  • Market products locally or globally, ranging from organic vegetables to solar panels.
  • Have anything at all worthwhile to sell or promote.

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Current members are mostly specialists with ACSIA Partners.

Members may be accepted singly or in organizational blocks. Fees apply. Inquire

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