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A Passion for Education Builds Award-Winning Sales for Christine Khemis


One of the top long-term care (LTC) agents in the nation, Christine Khemis has several awards under her belt including recently being named the #1 agent in Washington State in the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance’s 2012 National Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Awards.

How does she do it? After conversations with her, it is our…


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Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

The only way to know how social media can work for you is to start experimenting with it!  It's the kind of thing that has to be experienced to truly understand.  Try a couple or a few kinds of social media on a personal level to get used to how they work and find the one that may work best for your style and time available.

For more inspiration, here are some good ideas to help you effectively utilize your social media tool of choice, in this article by Malcolm Faulds of Inc.…


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Making Social Media Your Friend

To those of us not too familiar with the ever-growing world of social media, delving into it can feel like looking through murky waters.  Social media if used well can serve as a place for you to present yourself and your business in your best light, as a place where you can direct prospects to get to know you better and really see what your business has to offer, a place where your clients and prospects can easily send others links to things you present and so much more.  The possibilities…


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How George Braddock II's event with an expert speaker increased business and LTC awareness

By hosting an informative event, a Florida agent developed 16 B-to-B prospects, with two multi-life sales in the works.

The relationship George Braddock II developed with an expert in the burgeoning field of Long Term Care insurance created an opportunity for both of them recently. When Seattle-based LTC think-tank president Stephen Moses planned to…


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Public Relations basics covered in The Single Greatest Marketing Tool

Click on the link to read an article by Lisa LaMotta for Forbes, with a great overview of the basics of PR. 







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Fire up your own Public Relations!

Here are fifteen fantastic ideas detailed and explained clearly by Yasmine Mustafa, in a Philadelphia-based marketing blog.  


Check out the blog here:   15 Do-It-Yourself PR Ideas



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Write a great article without a journalism degree!

Need to learn the best methods of writing an article that will be accepted by editors?   The simple but thorough advice  here on Article Writing  just may be better than a semester of journalism classes.

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Do-It-Yourself PR Tactics, in pictures.



Check out this motivational PR Advice Slideshow from







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The domino effect of good PR.

Quick, excellent points about PR to inspire you to start today!  

Read the advice posted on a PR website blog here:  In PR, One Thing Can Lead to Another 





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13 Tips for Pitching Your Story

You have the press release.  You're contacting the media.  Now how to create a buzz and get that story out there?

13 Tips for Pitching Your Story


You can read the article here: …


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10 Tips for Writing Your Story

When you send a press release out to your target publications, you will want it to read like a compelling article and be in the format that is acceptable to that publication. Although a great goal is to convince a media outlet to assign their own writer to cover your story, it is far more common that an editor will decide to run your press release verbatim.  Either way, your press release/article must be well-written in order to be noticed in the first place. Here are some great tips on…


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Excellent PR Strategies from the Miami Herald

 The most important part about Public Relations is creating a buzz!  Here is an article with tips, links, advice and motivation.  

Small business owners can handle their own public relations without wasting valuable time and money.

See the article on the Miami Herald website here: …


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Video: Useful Tips for your PR Campaign

Check out this video which was produced by a marketing company, and has some nice and certainly useful tips. 


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How Michael Fitzpatrick Got Featured in a CPA Magazine

Recently Michael was asked to write an article for the NJ Society of CPA’s Magazine, 20,000 circulation. (Click to view, below.)  How can you do as he did?

PPR FORUM: How did you get the article placed? And did you have to pay anything?

MICHAEL: They contacted me. No, I did not pay anything.



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3in4 Campaign Gains Interest, Helps Agents Close Sales

Why does the "3 in 4 Need More" campaign have the potential to build long term care industry sales just as the "Got Milk" campaign boosted milk consumption? Jonas Roeser, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations for LTC Financial Partners (LTCFP), explains.…


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How to Profit from Releases Even if They DON'T Get Into Print

Whether a local paper sees fit to run your news item or not, these options may be golden:

1. Use your releases, or the information in them, in drip emailings to your satisfied clients, asking for referrals.  For example, leverage a release on a topic such as tax-deductibility: “Tax time is coming again.  Remember to talk with…


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Increase Your Odds of Making It into a Local Paper

When you have a news item or release, how can you increase your chances of seeing it in print? These suggestions may help:

  • Contact one or more of the papers it was sent to. Ask, “Did you get the release?” Or check who within the organization should have gotten the release, and whether they reviewed it. If it passed them by, offer to resend the release or to drop it off at their offices.

This action alone can greatly increase the odds of…


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The Power of Shared Intelligence

The Shared Intelligence area of this site allows us to communicate securely with others in the program. Learn how successful professionals are turning their PR into LEADS through email, social media, and networking by phone and in person. Pass on your successful techniques in this forum too.

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