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Just Among Friends: Obtaining Insurance from a Trusted Source — Online

When used with discretion, social media sites offer fruitful ways for consumers and insurance agents to connect.

Clockwise from top left: Denise Gott, Stana Martin, Kim Beckham, Jerry Levy, Gabrielle Gelo, and Gene Cutler

So says Denise Gott, CEO of …


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Long-Term Care Leader Denise Gott, CEO of ACSIA Partners, Offers LinkedIn Promo Tip

When a press release appears featuring Denise Gott, she promptly posts a link to it on her LinkedIn profile, in "Denise's Articles & Activity." 

It's a great free way of extending the exposure and calling attention to her company's services.

In addition, the link on…


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Christine Khemis Honored for Contributions to "Healthy Wealth" in the Workplace

The PPR Forum is pleased to single out Christine Khemis for excellence in communication and education promoting financial fitness for organizations and their employees. Her efforts lead to better planning for predictable long-term care (LTC) needs. The result of  this confers human and financial benefits to those who work for a living as well as those…


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The domino effect of good PR.

Quick, excellent points about PR to inspire you to start today!  

Read the advice posted on a PR website blog here:  In PR, One Thing Can Lead to Another 





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13 Tips for Pitching Your Story

You have the press release.  You're contacting the media.  Now how to create a buzz and get that story out there?

13 Tips for Pitching Your Story


You can read the article here: …


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10 Tips for Writing Your Story

When you send a press release out to your target publications, you will want it to read like a compelling article and be in the format that is acceptable to that publication. Although a great goal is to convince a media outlet to assign their own writer to cover your story, it is far more common that an editor will decide to run your press release verbatim.  Either way, your press release/article must be well-written in order to be noticed in the first place. Here are some great tips on…


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Excellent PR Strategies from the Miami Herald

 The most important part about Public Relations is creating a buzz!  Here is an article with tips, links, advice and motivation.  

Small business owners can handle their own public relations without wasting valuable time and money.

See the article on the Miami Herald website here: …


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Video: Useful Tips for your PR Campaign

Check out this video which was produced by a marketing company, and has some nice and certainly useful tips. 


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How Michael Fitzpatrick Got Featured in a CPA Magazine

Recently Michael was asked to write an article for the NJ Society of CPA’s Magazine, 20,000 circulation. (Click to view, below.)  How can you do as he did?

PPR FORUM: How did you get the article placed? And did you have to pay anything?

MICHAEL: They contacted me. No, I did not pay anything.



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