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Greet the person you don't want to meet

It's a hard sell, getting people to look at what they don't want to think about. But Gene Cutler makes it work. View his video to see how:

Gene made this video using the built-in camera on his Dell PC. First he created a script, which he posted on a…


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Todd Stein Featured in LifeHealthPro for His Winning "Non-Sales" Sales Process

The best sales professionals don't sell at all. They start by believing passionately in their product or service, then help people buy (or not buy if there's no fit).

Todd Stein, a top producer in the long-term care solutions field, exemplifies this principle in spades. His background,…


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3in4 Campaign Gains Interest, Helps Agents Close Sales

Why does the "3 in 4 Need More" campaign have the potential to build long term care industry sales just as the "Got Milk" campaign boosted milk consumption? Jonas Roeser, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations for LTC Financial Partners (LTCFP), explains.…


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How to Profit from Releases Even if They DON'T Get Into Print

Whether a local paper sees fit to run your news item or not, these options may be golden:

1. Use your releases, or the information in them, in drip emailings to your satisfied clients, asking for referrals.  For example, leverage a release on a topic such as tax-deductibility: “Tax time is coming again.  Remember to talk with…


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Increase Your Odds of Making It into a Local Paper

When you have a news item or release, how can you increase your chances of seeing it in print? These suggestions may help:

  • Contact one or more of the papers it was sent to. Ask, “Did you get the release?” Or check who within the organization should have gotten the release, and whether they reviewed it. If it passed them by, offer to resend the release or to drop it off at their offices.

This action alone can greatly increase the odds of…


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The Power of Shared Intelligence

The Shared Intelligence area of this site allows us to communicate securely with others in the program. Learn how successful professionals are turning their PR into LEADS through email, social media, and networking by phone and in person. Pass on your successful techniques in this forum too.

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