A Passion for Education Builds Award-Winning Sales for Christine Khemis


One of the top long-term care (LTC) agents in the nation, Christine Khemis has several awards under her belt including recently being named the #1 agent in Washington State in the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance’s 2012 National Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Awards.

How does she do it? After conversations with her, it is our opinion that the key to her success is her passion for education.

Her main focus is truly on helping people. It seems to be her mission to spread effective LTC information as widely as possible, and that in turn clearly leads to her impressive business growth.

"So often what has been the most devastating part of a long-term care situation could have been prevented by good planning," Khemis reminds us and adds, "Good planning is preceded by good education."

Khemis saw a need for educational offerings in as many arenas as possible and to reach business owners, employees, individuals and families across the entire economic spectrum. She saw this as an essential aspect of the LTCi industry that was seriously lacking, and so she developed some top-notch educational offerings herself.

Educating persons of influence:

To turn leaders into allies who help spread the right information, Khemis:

  • Teaches continuing education courses to professionals who benefit from the credits toward renewing their licensing as well as enhancing their practices and spreading their LTC knowledge on to their clients.
  • Reaches more individuals and families by educating business owners and employers on their own planning and on how to pass that LTC knowledge on to their employees or offer an LTC insurance benefit to show their employees they care about them and their families.

Educating employees:

To share her expertise directly with employees, Khemis:

  • Offers programs and presentations to businesses, to inform employees on the issues of LTC needs and on LTC insurance which is one of the most popular new employee benefits.
  • Speaks at company events and employee benefit gatherings, and she is invited to host programs at banks, law firms, CPA firms, hospitals, etc.

Educating the public:

To spread accurate facts as widely as possible in the public realm, Khemis:

  • Speaks at health fairs, luncheons, and community events.
  • Offers programs and speaking engagements to any organizations where sharing LTC information would be beneficial.
  • Writes articles for publications such as her county business journal, local and national newsletters, journals and newspapers.
  • Offers a copy of the book she co-authored, "Dignity For Life - 5 Things You Should Know Before Considering Long Term Care Insurance," to any interested individuals who contact her.

Khemis says that just as LTC needs can be equally devastating to anyone along the entire economic spectrum who is unprepared, education on LTC issues is also a very egalitarian process to go through.

"Education is a great equalizer," she states, and that philosophy has helped to focus her community outreach and public relations efforts as well.

In following her heart to help people and spread good education, Khemis has positioned herself as an expert, gained clout for her written works and become sought-after for speaking engagements and professional courses. All of this combines to seemingly effortlessly create excellent public relations that give a powerful push to the growth of her business.

Khemis may be reached at 888-582-5364 or http://www.ChristineLTC.com. Those who inquire
may request free literature on long-term care insurance for personal use or as a workplace benefit.

See the recent article about Christine Khemis in the June 1, 2012 issue of Life Insurance Selling:
High Quality Producers And the High Net-Worth Mark


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