Christine Khemis Honored for Contributions to "Healthy Wealth" in the Workplace

The PPR Forum is pleased to single out Christine Khemis for excellence in communication and education promoting financial fitness for organizations and their employees. Her efforts lead to better planning for predictable long-term care (LTC) needs. The result of  this confers human and financial benefits to those who work for a living as well as those that employ them.

For employees, better LTC planning --

  • Protects retirement plans, such as 401k's, from possible exhaustion by LTC expenses not covered by Medicare or regular health insurance.
  • Insures that funds will be available for professional care, so the employee can be able to keep on working and bringing in a paycheck.
  • Brings peace of mind, knowing there's an extra layer of protection for one's future lifestyle.

For profit-making organization, better LTC planning by employees --

  • Reduces productivity losses due to care-related absenteeism and distraction from one’s work.
  • Prevents losses of valuable expertise as seasoned employees retire early to tend an uninsured loved one.

Khemis' excellence involves communicating with the public (through interviews and talks), employees (through worksite seminars and other education), and executives (through boardroom meetings and indivdual consultation). 

Her dedication and skill have won her the distinction, seven years in a row, of being named Qualifying Member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the premier association of financial professionals. 

Christine Khemis, MBA, CLTC, is a licensed insurance agent and long-term care specialist and partner with ACSIA Partners LLC, a national agency of long-term care professionals. 

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