How to Profit from Releases Even if They DON'T Get Into Print

Whether a local paper sees fit to run your news item or not, these options may be golden:

1. Use your releases, or the information in them, in drip emailings to your satisfied clients, asking for referrals.  For example, leverage a release on a topic such as tax-deductibility: “Tax time is coming again.  Remember to talk with your accountant about deducting the cost of ..."  Then ask for names of people they know who might also need your services, and who may not be aware of the tax advantage.  Happy clients are usually the best source of “free” leads. And your “old” releases offer golden excuses for positive, ongoing contact.

2. Ditto for your alliance partners and “B” list prospects. Keep them thinking of you with helpful nuggets from your “old” releases.

3. Use your releases to warm people up prior to a scheduled meeting. Send them a link to a specific, relevant release if it's posted on the web. Suggest they read it before you arrive at their door or start a phone interview.  In addition to answering questions in advance, the article may boost your credibility.

4. Print a relevant release to hand out to people. When giving a workshop or presenting at any gathering, don't just hand out your business card or brochure. Make an extra impact by handing out a piece that quotes you.

Over all, remember that ideas and information give people something to talk about and remember, raising you above the competition.

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