ACSIA Partners participants: Use the monthly press release to your maximum benefit!

The monthly personalized release featuring you is a great opportunity to take advantage of in any ways you can think up.  There are unlimited ways to use these monthly press releases about you and ACSIA Partners, to increase your visibility and accessibility to the public and to pinpointed targets for outreach. 

Each current and past monthly press release is accessible in the "About Me" section of your personal ACSIA Partners website, with three formats provided, an online version, a PDF version, and a text version.  

That gives you four ways to share it with business contacts or prospects or anyone you think may be interested:

  • They can find it right on your website
  • You can send them a link to the online version
  • You can send them the PDF
  • You can copy and paste the text directly into an email    

You can actually come up with countless ways to utilize it, including printing it out to display an article about you and your business, sending it to local press contacts, using it to show your knowledge of a particular subject you're offering to give a talk about, etc.

It is a piece written about you every single month, highlighting a different subject.  Think about who may be interested in that subject and you can use it as an excuse to reach out to them with a link to or a copy of that piece about you and that pertinent subject.

When a prospect or a business contact who could refer your name to potential prospects is interested in a specific topic, you can go back to a previous monthly release which covered that topic and send it along to them.  Use these published articles to position yourself as an expert with clout in your field. 

Here are some more ideas on how to use your personalized press release: 

  • Quote from your release on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., remembering to include a link to it and your website in your post.
  • Print out a copy of your release to include in press packets when you're publicizing any local events you plan, etc.  Include press releases from other months as well that may be particularly relevant to the event.
  • Send a copy to any local media or other media outlets.  Follow up with a phone call if you can.
  • Send a link to anyone who may be interested in the subject matter of that month's release, using the link that will bring them right to the view of the release in the "About Me" section of your website, allowing them to explore your website further if something catches their eye.

Feel free to contact EraNova (via the email address from the email that informs you of the press release each month) for more ideas, or to request more suggestions be posted in another blog post here, or to share more ideas of your own with everyone on PPR Forum.  Also; post your own blog entry here with anything you'd like to share any time!


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