Master Long Term Care Specialist Gene Cutler Shares Expertise on Building Business in the New Millennium

Gene Cutler is a top producer with ACSIA Partners LLC.  He knows sales and keeps up with the times by putting the classic techniques to good use within the context of modern technology. 

Today’s typical shopper goes online first to research a product or service.  Cutler tells us that it’s no different for prospective long-term care insurance clients.  In fact, having a strong online presence is how he builds rapport with his demographic.  He says that when he speaks with a prospect, he always asks them if they are in front of a computer, and then asks them to go to Google and type in his name. 

When this quickly brings up several top hits showing Gene Cutler active in long-term care, this gives him instant credibility, and positions him as an expert in the field.

It's clear that a secret of his success is that he doesn’t simply refer people to his website; he makes sure that they go to it before, during, and after his presentation.

A quick visit to his website and subsequent click on “Questions, Comments, and Feedback” provides an indication of the consumers' appetite for this medium, and the results that can be realized.

Cutler has found that today, insurance is less of an emotional sale than it used to be.  He finds that it is more of a pragmatic sale, more analytical, with potential clients considering it with a sense of prudence that imposes a business perspective.  With that in mind, he works to position his name and his expertise in the business as a top hit online, where he knows his demographic will be looking.  He utilizes his online presence to build a rapport with those potential clients and as a tool to show them the facts and figures to help them make their decisions on LTC planning.

Consistently utilizing his website, social media and press releases are some of the ways he brings his effective sales expertise into the new millennium where his demographic lives.

See the following article, in which he shares his expertise in the field of LTC Insurance:

The RIGHT Way to Approach Long-Term Care Insurance  --By Gene Cutler

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